Accessorize Your Kitchen

Besides making the outside of your kitchen cabinets beautiful, Dun-Rite carries a large array of accessories for your kitchen remodel.  We can custom build sliding shelving systems, so you can pull the contents of your cabinets out to you. How about a lazy Susan in the corner where dead space usually is?  No more crawling… Read more »

Beautiful Countertops

Imagine a beautiful, waving stone pattern, dramatically crowning your kitchen space.  How about a smooth bathroom countertop with integrated double sinks?  Dun-Rite can do that for you!  One of the easiest, yet dramatic ways to change the appearance in your kitchen, bath, or any area in your home is to replace the countertops.  As you… Read more »

Window and Door Philosophy

Want to give your home an updated look from the curb?  Feeling drafts from your windows when the cooler weather starts setting in?  Did you know that Dun-Rite does windows and doors?  We have taken our same philosophy from our kitchen and bathroom renovations, and applied it to our window and door product lines.  We… Read more »

Bathroom Renovation

At Dun-Rite, we’ve been remodeling homes for over 30 years.  We offer the highest quality and most comprehensive bathroom remodels in the Colorado area.  From the ceiling to the floor, with our attention to detail, we’ve got you covered.  Looking for a total bathroom tear out, gutted to the wall studs?  We do it.  Need… Read more »

Kitchen Makeover

Are you in the market for a total kitchen tear out, new cabinets, refacing, or a combination of both?  Dun-Rite has what you need.  We can do it all!  Here’s a quick overview of what we offer for your kitchen makeover.  We can custom build new cabinets for any space in your home.  We use… Read more »

Turnkey Philosophy

You may have heard the expression, “turnkey” to describe a home or a project.  What this means is the home is totally ready to go and complete.  You just turn the key in the lock, and walk in, and “Ahhhhh, it’s so beautiful, and ready!”  This is what we’ve been saying about our projects at… Read more »

Personal Attention

How do you feel when you call a company during regular business hours, and no one is there to talk to you and it’s all automated?  Well, at Dun-Rite you will always get the personal attention you deserve!  There’s a dedicated office staff in place to answer the phone – live – person to person… Read more »

Caring for your New Cabinets

Getting new Dun-Rite cabinets is very exciting!!  When everything is complete, how do you care for your new construction?  Your real wood cabinets have top coats of water bourne lacquer that naturally cure to quite a hard finish.  However, the process takes about 30 days, so treat the cabinets with special care for the first… Read more »

Beautiful Tile

Out there in the remodeling market place, are countless tile choices for your project.  Dun-Rite takes the guess work out of tile shopping and offers you many beautiful options in house.  They have hand selected only the best tiles to go perfectly in any area of your home.  There are different sizes, colors, and glass… Read more »

Shopping Made Easy!!

Doing a home remodel can sometimes be complicated, but it does not have to be!! Make your planning easier, and find the right remodeler to walk you through your project from start to finish.  A company like Dun-Rite Home Improvements, carries the best quality products, all in house and ready for your choosing.  They have… Read more »