Countertops for any room in your home remodel

When you are choosing your new countertop project for your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or anywhere in your home, there definitely is a large variety of different products, colors, looks, and feels for you to choose from. Here is some information about some of the most popular types: granite, quartz, solid surface, and laminate. Granite… Read more »

Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Style

In today’s home remodeling marketplace, there are many kitchen cabinet types and looks to choose from for your space.  Here are some of the current style options for cabinet doors.  Firstly, go for a custom approach.  Most all kitchen cabinets are built and made in different sizes, custom to your cabinet openings.  Likewise, you will… Read more »

What color should I pick for my kitchen cabinets?

When it comes time to seriously consider options for your new kitchen remodeling project, what color should you choose for your cabinets and cupboards?  This is ultimately a decision made from your own personal taste, but here are some things to think about.  Your kitchen has probably been the way it is for a long… Read more »

Kitchen Makeover Options

Kitchen Makeover Options: Doing a kitchen remodel is fun and exciting! You get to start fresh and new, and maybe choose something you’ve never thought of before. Here are a few types of remodels available in today’s market place. Let’s explore some kitchen refacing options and the total tear out with new cabinets. Refacing /… Read more »

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories When deciding to get your kitchen remodeled, the finished product will no doubt be beautiful and spectacular! But what about the inside of the cabinets? Let’s explore some of the many options available to you to add convenience, functionality, and purpose to your kitchen. The Inside: Inside your cabinets, your remodeler should offer… Read more »

Counter Tops Finer Details

Countertops: Finer Details Once you know you want a new countertop for a space in your home, what other decisions have to be made? There are many details to consider when choosing and buying your new countertop. What material and color? How do you want it shaped and what edge detail? What sink type and… Read more »

Affordable Kitchen Options

Another Affordable Kitchen Option: Have you researched all new kitchen cabinets and solid wood refacing? Are you still wondering if there’s a more affordable option available to you? Well, there is, and it’s known as thermo-foil refacing. Let’s explore what this type of refacing is, and what to look for in a remodeler. What is… Read more »

New Cabinets and Resurfacing

New Cabinets and Resurfacing: Refacing or resurfacing is a good option if you are satisfied with the general layout of your kitchen. We’ve talked before about the resurfacing process. Here is a quick overview of the right way to do it. You want ¼” solid wood face frames that are custom cut, then glued and… Read more »

Kitchen Resurfacing and Refacing

Kitchen Resurfacing and Refacing: What is it? When it comes to a kitchen remodel, it can be an exciting time, with many possibilities. Before you begin, it is helpful to find an accomplished remodeler in your area, with accomplished design professionals. Also, find someone who will come to you, to your home, and offer you… Read more »