If you are contemplating a kitchen or bathroom remodel, don’t forget the flooring! Dun-Rite is your flooring company!  After new fixtures, appliances, cabinets and countertops, a new floor provides the finishing touch to any renovation (call it… “icing on the cake”).

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Whether you choose the warmth and beauty of natural hardwood looking products, the timeless elegance of tile, or one of the incredible new options available in laminate flooring products like Luxury Vinyl Tile / Luxury Vinyl Plank, flooring is an important element for your new kitchen or bath.  These products are available in many beautiful wood and tile patterns.

Look to Dun-Rite Home Improvements Inc. (DRHI) to add a new tile floor, simulated hardwood flooring, or LVT / LVP floor as part of a complete remodeling package, including cabinets and countertops.  Or, let us create a fresh, new look and a warm, welcoming change in your home with our floor-only service.

The beauty of Dun-Rite is that you can call us for any element of your remodeling project, from a complete kitchen renovation or bath remodel, to just cabinets, just countertops, just flooring, or any combination of these. Whatever your needs or wants, we can help… just as we’ve been doing for satisfied Denver and Front Range customers for well over two decades.

As with all “Dun-Rite” projects, a long tradition of craftsmanship has directly influenced the materials and installation methods we have chosen to use.  We know that customers demand quality in their homes.

Hardwood Flooring Options

Dun-Rite Floors

We do offer simulated hardwood flooring options instead of traditional hardwood flooring.  Luxury Vinyl Plank or Luxury Vinyl tile (LVT / LVP) provide the warmth, beauty and comfort of wood with none of the drawbacks. We install the product as a floating floor so the planks will not create any gaps from expansion or shrinkage. This type of floor is an excellent choice for a kitchen because it is a finished product, ready to install from the factory, so that none of the usual mess, odor and toxicity is brought into your home. The planks are installed over a sound-dampening underlayment that also creates cushioning, making the floor easier on the back and feet.  Another advantage of our floating floor system is that if a plank gets damaged, we can easily replace just that piece or area.  A second option for hardwood simulated floors is wood grain pattern traditional tile.  Tile is very durable, doesn’t need sanding, finishing, or maintenance like a real hardwood floor.

Tile Installation – Floors

When it comes to tile floors, we offer a variety of choices plus custom inlays that provide creative and artistic design patterns and layouts.  We’re very particular about our tile installation and setting process, because both kitchens and bathrooms mean water on the floor. Our objective is to make your floors absolutely waterproof and to ensure that the tile and grout lines won’t crack from floor movement. Our “layering process” includes a substrate (sub floor) so that the floor doesn’t move.

Because we adhere to our service philosophy of we won’t put anything in your home that we wouldn’t put in ours, we highly recommend porcelain tile rather than ceramic because it is much stronger and longer lasting.  We’re happy to discuss the pros and cons of all these options… just give us a call. Tile flooring can be a great complement to wood cabinets and countertops, and is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, sizes and patterns.  Tile bathroom floors, tile kitchen floors, or tile entry floors are the ultimate in durability.

Laminate Flooring Options

Recent innovations in laminate and vinyl flooring provide incredibly realistic wood, stone and tile patterns.  Luxury Vinyl Tile / Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVT / LVP) floors are a cost-effective, economical choice while still providing the appearance of wood, stone or tile. It is easily installed and can be easily repaired if needed.