Affordable Kitchen Options

Another Affordable Kitchen Option:

Have you researched all new kitchen cabinets and solid wood refacing? Are you still wondering if there’s a more affordable option available to you? Well, there is, and it’s known as thermo-foil refacing. Let’s explore what this type of refacing is, and what to look for in a remodeler.

What is Thermo-foil refacing?

Available in today’s remodeling market place is a process known as thermo-foil refacing. What is this revolutionary, easy, durable and inexpensive process? It is a high density type of plastic that is wrapped around medium density fiberboard, and heat/shrink wrapped to the exact face and shape of the underlying material. The ¼” face frame pieces and cabinet sides are glued and nailed to your existing cabinet boxes by an experienced craftsman. Then, using this same process, the factory makes a custom cabinet door in the color and style of your choosing.


You may be thinking, “plastic … no way”, but hear this first. This is different than a laminate, sticker, or any non-wood refacing, because the material is completely bonded to your kitchen, or any cabinets in your home for that matter. It cannot and will not chip like painted or glazed cabinets. This process is even used in many medical applications like dentist and doctor’s offices. The ¼’” pieces provide strength, long lasting construction, and are very low maintenance. Thermo-foil material cannot harbor bacteria, viruses, or growth, and it is easily cleaned because it’s all one piece – just wipe it down.

Many Options:

Being a unique material, the color and style choices for thermo-foil can be VERY attractive and eye catching. As well as traditional wood grain tones, there are bold or muted solid colors, and interesting patterns available. Even if you need additional cabinets, or modifications made to your existing cabinetry, thermo-foil is still an answer. The material is simply added to any new or modified surfaces. Remember the insides of your cabinets too! The thermo-foil is only on the outside areas, but there are clever options for the insides. You can get sliding shelves, pullouts, and spice racks to add functionality to your space. Also, something worth mentioning, an average size thermo-foil project can be completed in as little as 4 days!

As a smart consumer, no matter what material you are using, find an experienced remodeler who offers things like a free, in home estimate, and an unconditional warranty. It’s best, if they have an experienced staff and project management in place to monitor progress every step of the way.

It is easy to find a thermo-foil remodeler in your area, who will do the job right! Now is the time to contact Dun-Rite Home Improvements, Inc. to start your “Duraline®” project today!

Authored By: Tracy Dibonas