Bathroom Remodeling: Converting Tubs and Showers

Doing a bathroom remodel in your home is a great way to add value, upgrades, and a fresh new look in your space. Do you need a tub to shower conversion, a shower to tub, or a walk in tub? What about a bathroom where none exists yet? Here are some things to consider when doing a bathroom remodel.

A large bathroom project like removing and replacing a tub, converting a tub or shower, or building an all new bath requires things like plumbing, tile, large heavy fixture replacement and much more. This is usually best left to a professional. A reputable contractor should be able to handle all the details from start to finish. They will provide the initial design, the measuring , blue printing, and diagrams, the gathering and building of components and parts, plumbing, electrical, lights, toilets, sinks, and anything else “bathroom.” There are companies out there that can do all of these things in house, with their own employees, and offer a turnkey approach. When they’re done, so are you, with a beautiful new bathroom oasis, done and ready for use!

In today’s fast moving world, tub to shower conversions are becoming very popular. You may want to move quickly while getting ready, but you still will want to have relaxing and beautiful surroundings while doing it. A tub to shower conversion is usually very straight forward. The standard tub size is great for a new shower. There are many options for your new shower base. The curb of the pan is much lower to step over versus the high tub wall. The pan can be made from all types of beautiful materials like mosaic tiles, solid surface, or molded pans. You can add European frameless shower doors, soap dish niches in the wall, or even a shower seat. How about a rain showerhead, or additional shower heads? Remember though, to keep costs down, you may want to keep the shower drain and plumbing close to the same location as the old tub. But more intricate plumbing and relocation is usually an option.

Thinking for future resale value, you may want to keep at least one tub in your home for things like bathing small children. Walk in tubs are options too, and have come a long way in luxury and flexibility. Shower to tub, though less common, can be handled by an accomplished remodeler as well. Call Dun-Rite Home Improvements, Inc. for your bathroom projects.

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