Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Style

In today’s home remodeling marketplace, there are many kitchen cabinet types and looks to choose from for your space.  Here are some of the current style options for cabinet doors.  Firstly, go for a custom approach.  Most all kitchen cabinets are built and made in different sizes, custom to your cabinet openings.  Likewise, you will need a door that can be assembled in custom sizes to correctly cover each of your cabinets.  Some questions to ask yourself, what color do you want?  What material?  Do you want solid wood or thermofoil?  What species of wood and what types of hardware are you considering?

Solid wood cabinet doors come in many colors and styles.  A few common species are oak, cherry, alder, hickory, and maple.  You can have a raised panel in the center with different types of details.  Some examples are arched raised panel, square raised panel, and raised cathedral.  With those same arch styles, you can have a flat panel, or a more recessed look in the center of the door.  There are also shaker style cabinet doors, bead board, or a louvered look with horizontal slating.  Some wood species have a more wild grain pattern and offer a more distressed look as well.  On top of the style, there are many colors to choose from and how you would like your cabinets stained.  From dark to light, natural to white wash, find a company that uses a hand rubbed stain for lasting effect, consistent color, and beauty.

What about a solid color?  Rather than the hassle of painting your cabinets, get a remodel done with a thermofoil product.  This is a PVC material that is heat shrunk to custom size face frame pieces and panels.  The cabinet doors are also custom made this same way.  This is more durable than laminate refacing, and looks more uniform than painting and other products.  The thermofoil comes in many solid colors like white, black, and red.  It can also come in wood grain patterns and colors.

Once you have your door and color selected, don’t forget about some of the extra touches.  You can add beautiful glass fronts to any cabinet door in your home.  There are hardware choices to consider as well:  hidden hinges, exposed hinges, and all different kinds of handles, knobs, and pulls in different looks, like brass, nickel, and antique.

There are so many choices out there, why not call in the professionals?  Call Dun-Rite Home Improvements today to find your new kitchen cabinet style!