What color should I pick for my kitchen cabinets?

When it comes time to seriously consider options for your new kitchen remodeling project, what color should you choose for your cabinets and cupboards?  This is ultimately a decision made from your own personal taste, but here are some things to think about.  Your kitchen has probably been the way it is for a long time.  Maybe you’ve lived years with the same color and look?  Maybe you’re newer to the place, and a previous person put something in your space that doesn’t suit your own personality?  At any rate, it’s time to update, upgrade, and make a change!

If your cabinets are currently light color, how about choosing something darkly enticing?  An espresso like color can richly magnify beautiful swirling grain patterns in real wood species, like oak, cherry, or maple.  Dark kitchens provide a classic, almost historic type feel in your space.  Also, if you have a light colored floor, or you are getting a new light floor, dark cabinets provide a beautiful contrast.

Of course, on the other hand, what if you have non-beautiful, 1970’s, outdated dark cabinets??  Go for the opposite again.  A quick way to instantly change your impression and feeling in your kitchen is to get a totally new updated lighter color.  Light colors, for example a butterscotch or natural wood tone, can brighten the room and make your space look bigger.  Use the color to contrast your floor again, or other furniture in your home.

Are you still not sure what color kitchen to choose?  A newer trend is to do 2 colors!  If you have an island in your kitchen or a peninsula piece separating rooms, you can choose a lighter color for the cabinets, and then a darker contrasting color for the island or peninsula.  This makes the island look like its own beautiful piece of furniture.  One more modern take on kitchen remodeling is solid colors.  Using a thermofoil door and material on your cabinets you could get solid black, red, gray, almond, and other color choices.

Planning a kitchen remodel is very exciting.  When you sit back and see your quality finished project, you will feel proud and satisfied.  No matter what you choose, an updated new color will be beautiful, and a welcome change in your kitchen.

Need more help with kitchen colors?  Contact Dun-Rite Home Improvements, Inc. to further explore your options today!!