Counter Tops Finer Details

Countertops: Finer Details

Once you know you want a new countertop for a space in your home, what other decisions have to be made? There are many details to consider when choosing and buying your new countertop. What material and color? How do you want it shaped and what edge detail? What sink type and configuration works best for you? Do you want butcher block, or an insert of butcher block? Do you want back wall or a back splash? Let’s explore these finer details about countertops.

Material / Color:

There are many materials available for your countertops. Each offers a specific and unique look, and come in an array of colors. There is engineered quartz, displaying a variety of natural stone movement. Solid Surface is a manmade acrylic material that comes in different stone patterns, or solid colors. HD laminates come in any color or pattern imaginable, from natural looking stone/wood, to out of the box feels and colors. You can choose to tile your counter top. Of course, there is all natural real stone granite. You can also have butcher block, which is several solid wood pieces glued together to form a permanent “cutting board” in your space. You can have the whole thing butcher block or just an insert added near the stove or sink for cooking and food prep.

There are different design details for the edge of your countertop. You can have square edges, gently sloping or “bookend”, a fully rounded bull nose edge, or different degrees of a bevel edge. Let’s talk about color choice too. Ultimately it is a personal preference, but think about things like if your cabinets are darker, a lighter color countertop would offer beautiful contrast, and vice versa.

Back wall:

When you are getting a new countertop, the wall behind the top has to be addressed as well, or the “back wall”. Again, we have options here. A common choice is tile. You can pick a complimenting tile that’s added, with or without accents, set at a 90° angle or 45° angle. You can have laminate or solid surface covering the back wall. There is also a back splash which is a 4-5” piece of countertop that is set up against the wall. If you already have a back wall in place, you will need to replace it.


Sinks available for your countertop are either under mount, which results in a one piece look, or surface mount, which is just as it implies. The sink is basically dropped in and attached on top of the counter. Both are attractive options, and come in different colors, styles, and materials. You can get 18 gauge stainless steel, china, solid surface, stone, or cast iron. You can choose to have 2 equal bowls, or one small and one large for bigger dishes and pans, or other configurations as well. Your remodeler will go over everything with you.

You definitely need to see these options for yourself to accurately envision your new countertop. Find an experienced design professional that comes to your home, and easily walks you through all of these choices. Call Dun-Rite Home Improvements, Inc. today for your new countertop!

Authored By: Tracy Dibonas