Countertops What Options

Countertops: What options are out there?

A new countertop in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in your home can be just the update you are looking for. It can reenergize the look and feel of your space. Whether it’s part of your full remodel, or a project in and of itself, you want to find a good material and remodeler to get the job done right. Let’s highlight a few of the better options available to you.

Counter top materials:

Quartz: Engineered quartz stone surface. This material is 4 times harder than granite. It never has to be sealed or specially treated. It is heat resistant to 576° and does not stain. It comes in a variety of exquisite colors, edge details, and styles.

Solid Surface: Man made acrylic material. This is a 100% repairable surface with absolutely no seams. It molds to any shape, any size, and can have an integrated sink with seamless installation. There are many beautiful colors to choose from, and it is low maintenance and very durable.

HD Laminates: Durable plastic material adhered to wood. This countertop has the same look as real stone, but is much more affordable. There are many color and edge options. Sinks can be under mounted or dropped into this type of top. HD is about 10 times more scratch, stain, and burn resistant than laminates found in retail stores.

Granite: Granite is real stone / rock. It offers the look of natural veins and expressive movement that is one of a kind. This type of countertop has to be sealed for protection or it can stain permanently, or discolor. Be aware of not putting hot pans directly on the surface and don’t cut on the surface.

Where to buy:

When shopping for a countertop, it’s best to find a remodeler who can give you a custom approach, and who can accommodate any size countertop. Not all kitchens and projects are the same! A template should be made of your countertop, in relation to your cabinet boxes, so the fit will be exact. If you buy a standard, pre-made piece in a store, it will not fit the uniqueness of your space, and may not be aesthetically pleasing.

You should be able to receive a free, in home quote and design plan. See that the company you choose has accomplished installation craftsman and design professionals, and that they have a warranty on their work and a satisfaction guaranty. The same contractor should be able to complete the whole project – plumbing and all, and give you an estimate for everything included. Caution: some companies “up charge” you later for installation and plumbing, even after the job starts!

Counter tops and home remodeling are fun and exciting. It is easy to find the right company in your area.

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Author: Tracy Dibonas