Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

When deciding to get your kitchen remodeled, the finished product will no doubt be beautiful and spectacular! But what about the inside of the cabinets? Let’s explore some of the many options available to you to add convenience, functionality, and purpose to your kitchen.

The Inside:

Inside your cabinets, your remodeler should offer many things to make your space easy to use! How about sliding shelves. These roll out shelves should be solid wood construction and have very durable hardware. They bring the contents of the back of the cabinet out to you, so you can easily access all the spaces. What about a corner cabinet? Why not add a traditional lazy Susan that has a spinning shelf to fill the usually “dead” corner. No more having to lay down and reach into the depths to see what you have hidden. Adjustable shelves are also a must. You want the shelving system to be strong and durable. Look for steel rails that are routed into and attached to the inside of your cabinet, with steel movable clips to accommodate any height you may need. Ask your remodeler about tip out trays. These are trays that tip back from a drawer front that would usually be fixed to the cabinet, like in front of your sink. You could add a trash can slider, slide out pantry, or spice racks too! The conveniences are endless!

The Outside:

Some accessories to think about on the outside of the cabinets are glass inserts in a few key places to showcase special china and dishes. You can have a unique style of decorative crown molding added to accentuate your project. There are under cabinet lighting options available for ambiance and functionality. Appliance garages can be built and installed to house countertop items. What about a matching cutting board to your countertop, or a butcher block piece for cutting and prep work? You could add a wine fridge, wine rack, or stemware racks as well. There are many ways to make your kitchen uniquely yours.

The best part about remodeling is choosing the brand new look in your space. What color and style do you like for your cabinets? What wood species and stain? Do you like a busy grain pattern or more uniform? There’s lighter wood grain tones, natural tones, dark to very dark tones, solid colors, and even white. Do you want a raised panel on the front of the cabinet door, what about an arch, or even shaker style? You should also have a variety of choices when it comes to hardware. You can have an exposed hinge or one hidden from view. Do you want a handle or a finger pull to open your cabinets with? Does your remodeler offer a wide variety? They should absolutely help make your choices easy and fun!

As a smart consumer, find a remodeler who will comfortably walk you through all of the design options available for kitchens and their accessories. A design professional should come to your home, and offer a free plan for your new custom, convenient kitchen project, with all the accessories you deserve. Call Dun-Rite Kitchens and Baths, Inc. today to get started!

Authored By: Tracy Dibonas