Kitchen Makeover Options

Kitchen Makeover Options:

Doing a kitchen remodel is fun and exciting! You get to start fresh and new, and maybe choose something you’ve never thought of before. Here are a few types of remodels available in today’s market place. Let’s explore some kitchen refacing options and the total tear out with new cabinets.

Refacing / Resurfacing:

There are many types of refacing out there. If you are happy with the general layout and configuration of your kitchen space, you may want to reface your cabinets. One of the highest quality and classic methods is ¼” real wood refacing. This is different from a laminate type sticker, or a thin veneer wood cover. This process uses ¼” solid hardwood on the fronts or face frames of the cabinets. Then, ¼” hardwood plywood is used for the sides and end panels. It is all glued and nailed to the old surface of your cabinet. They are essentially building a cabinet around your old structure. Your old cupboard doors are removed and discarded. You choose an all new door from an array of styles, colors, looks, and wood species. The cupboard door is custom sized to your cabinet and is fastened with quality cabinet hardware of your choice. This is a beautiful kitchen renovation option that can save you 30-60% over total kitchen tear out.

Thermo-foil Refacing:

An even more economical refacing method is thermo-foil. This is essentially the same process as hardwood refacing, but with a different material. All the face frames, end and side panels, and doors are made from medium density fiber board pieces that have been heat / shrink wrapped with a durable high density plastic from the factory. The custom sized wrapped cabinet pieces are ¼” thick so they can be glued and nailed into place like hardwood refacing. The door is made in the same way, with many colors and styles to choose from. There are even more unique options than the usual, like a solid red or black. This type of kitchen refacing is quick and less expensive. Even so, it is very durable and doesn’t chip like painted or glazed cabinets, and is completely customizable to your cabinet sizes and space. It is easy to maintain and clean because it’s a totally sealed material.

New Custom Cabinets:

There is a right way to do new cabinets as well. Don’t settle for hardware store basics of cheap particle board with a photo finish sticker material. Look for new cabinets constructed from real wood: ¾” solid wood fronts or face frames with ¾” real wood plywood for the sides. All the cabinets should be routed, glued and pocket screwed together so there are no visible fasteners. Then a brand new custom cabinet door is added. Remember on your refacing projects, new cabinets can be constructed with these same standards, and then added to your project. The refacing would then go over the new cabinet just like your old one, using real wood or thermo-foil refacing.

Whether you are looking for real wood refacing or thermo-foil, all new cabinets, or a combination of both, you can find high quality options, and get your renovation done the right way. Call Dun-Rite Home Improvements, Inc. for your free in home consultation.

Authored by: Tracy Dibonas