Kitchen Resurfacing and Refacing

Kitchen Resurfacing and Refacing: What is it?

When it comes to a kitchen remodel, it can be an exciting time, with many possibilities. Before you begin, it is helpful to find an accomplished remodeler in your area, with accomplished design professionals. Also, find someone who will come to you, to your home, and offer you a free quote and design plan. You don’t have to choose blindly from a hardware store. If you love the general layout of your kitchen, and don’t want to take on a total tear out or remodel, there is an option known as refacing or resurfacing.

What is resurfacing?

In the resurfacing process, custom cut wood pieces are fitted to your existing cabinet boxes, then glued and nailed on by an experienced craftsman, in your home. Then, an all-new cabinet door is custom fit to each cabinet opening. You can also add new conveniences to the inside of your cabinets like sliding shelves, drawer boxes, spice racks, etc.

During the design phase, you have a choice of many different cabinet door styles, wood species, hardware, amenities, and finishes. (A “hand rubbed” finish or stain, achieves the richest look and will stand the test of time.) With kitchen resurfacing, you will have a brand new, custom look without all the intricacies of a kitchen tear out. You will save time and money.

Go with a solid wood, not veneer:

In your shopping process, look for a remodeler that uses “solid wood”. Some resurfacing contractors apply sticker pieces, laminate coatings, and thin, cheaply made coverings. Look for a reputable company who uses ¼” solid wood on the face frames, (or fronts) of your cabinets, then a solid plywood on the sides, with no visible fasteners on the outside. This will be the strongest, longest lasting way to get your kitchen resurfaced. And, if you are going to get your kitchen done, you want it to be done the right way, or not at all.

Add the finishes touches:

As a smart consumer, choose a remodeler that does quality work and who can follow your project from start to finish, with attention to detail. They should also offer countertops, floors, additional new cabinets, and other remodeling services, a one stop shop, if you will. Plumbing, electrical, painting, drywall, or any other items that need completion should be listed and included on your design estimate. It is easy to find a company who cares about your project and who will treat you right.

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Author: Tracy Dibonas