Quality Experience

Dun Rite Kitchens Location

If You’re Gonna Do It ….. Do It Right Or Don’t Bother!™

We’ve been updating and renovating Colorado homes since 1985. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to provide you with insight, ideas, products and the professional guidance you need to achieve a “magical” change that you’ll just love!

To start off your quality experience with Dun-Rite Home Improvements Inc. (DRHI), we’ll actually answer the phone! (during business hours of course) No voice mail. No press this number for that! You get the idea. Whether it’s your first call to us or a follow up call for a question or service…. We are ready to serve!

When you’re ready to have one of our design professionals out, you’ll be impressed. The majority of our designers have come from the fabrication and installation areas of our company and are ready to look, listen, and go to work designing a project to fit your particular requests.

Your project will be drawn and coordinated by a project foreman that has risen through the ranks at Dun-Rite by showing superior customer service and communication skills, and not to mention a top notch eye for quality. Dan and Susan, the owners of Dun-Rite, feel: “If we wouldn’t have it in our home, it’s not going into our customer’s home.”

Our craftsmen will “WOW” you with their skill and artistry, and our installers and tradesmen will remind you of the days when service people actually cared about the quality of their work and their customer relationships. At Dun-Rite, “If you’re ‘gonna do it, do it right or don’t bother”™ isn’t just a slogan, it’s actually the way we run our business.

Whether you want a simple update or a complete tear out and remodel, we can help.