Accessorize Your Kitchen

Besides making the outside of your kitchen cabinets beautiful, Dun-Rite carries a large array of accessories for your kitchen remodel.  We can custom build sliding shelving systems, so you can pull the contents of your cabinets out to you. How about a lazy Susan in the corner where dead space usually is?  No more crawling in on hands and knees to see what may be hidden or lost in the far reaches of your corner cabinet. We offer new drawer boxes, wine racks, appliance garages, trash can sliders and many more features to add convenience.  At the sink traditionally there would be a dead drawer front.  How about a tip out tray to store a dish sponge?  We can custom build spice racks, can pantries, and cutting boards. Also, glass inserts can be added to any cabinet door to showcase your glass ware or any treasures you may want to display.

As always, Dun-Rite offers a free consultation where we come to your home to design your dream kitchen renovation. Let us accessorize your new kitchen today!