All Inclusive: Countertops and Bathrooms

Many times when you buy your new countertop or bathroom “parts”, that’s what you are getting….. the stuff to do the job. But what about all the unanswered questions? Who is going to install it? Will they take care of the tile? Who is going to plumb your sink? Will someone install and plumb the bathroom components? Will all the finer details, like touch up and caulking be completed? Is there a warranty or guaranty on what you are getting? That’s why you need Dun-Rite! We are the answer to all these questions and more!

Dun-Rite is a one stop shopping experience. First, we give you a free in home design plan, where every detail is accounted for, including the final, exact cost of your new countertop or bathroom remodel. Then, our experienced team plan, measure, build and install your project. One of the best things is, we even have our own in house licensed plumbers! From the ceiling to floor, sink to toilet, Dun-Rite does it all! With our 100% customer satisfaction guaranty, and our 5 year warranty, you will have the finished project you’ve always dreamed of. Call Dun-Rite today!