Caring for your New Cabinets

Getting new Dun-Rite cabinets is very exciting!!  When everything is complete, how do you care for your new construction?  Your real wood cabinets have top coats of water bourne lacquer that naturally cure to quite a hard finish.  However, the process takes about 30 days, so treat the cabinets with special care for the first month.  To clean your real wood cabinets you can wipe them down with a damp, soft cloth, with a mild detergent.  Be sure to dry them off completely.  For light duty, a good quality furniture/cabinet polish such as “Cabinet and Wood Magic” can be purchased from most hardware stores.  (Your first complimentary can is provided at the completion of your wood cabinets.) With thermo-foil, Duraline® projects, use a damp cloth or mild dish detergent.  You don’t need special products. Never use abrasives or harsh cleansers on any type of cabinets, as this can damage or discolor surfaces.

Don’t worry, if something goes really wrong, we’re here for you!!  Dun-Rite has a 5 year warranty, on real wood cabinets, and a 1 year warranty on Duraline® cabinets.  We are available to help where at all possible.  We have a 100% satisfaction guaranty, and as you may have heard, Dun-Rite stands behind their word to give you the kitchen, bathroom, countertops, windows, or doors you’ve always dreamed of!  Give Dun-Rite a call to learn more and get your new project started!