Your New Windows and Doors

Your New Windows and Doors:

Shopping for windows and doors can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many technical details, installation aspects, and attributes that everyone is selling. Let’s try to cover some of these things in simple, general terms.

The Remodeling Company:

Finding your window and door company is the first and most important step. It is possible to find a remodeler who offers you everything you will need during your project, from ceiling to floor. You should receive a free design consultation, with an exact design plan and exact price before you even start. You want a good, transferable warranty, with your new windows and doors. Look for a company who will do everything from start to finish and monitor your progress along the way. Windows and doors should last for a long time, so they should be done the right way.

Windows, The Basics:

Windows are usually installed as a “pocket” install. This means they use the existing window space to slide in a new window system. You will need custom sizes, so you don’t end up with a smaller window and fillers in your space. More glass panes, the better. Get at least double pane for energy efficiency. A good remodeler will offer you options: double or single hung, added reinforcements for strength, slider windows, picture windows, garden windows, awning, hopper, bay and bow windows. One company should be able to replace every window you have, and even offer some new options to consider. What color do you want on the outside, and do you want a grid pattern in the glass? Do you want your windows wood trimmed, and what kind of hardware finish for the locks and latches? Your window company will seamlessly walk you through all your choices until you are confident you have the exact windows you want.

Entry Door Systems:

Same as windows, the company doing your entryway door or back slider is the difference. What options can they offer you? Do they have long term in mind? Will they complete every detail you need from start to finish, like touch up paint, trim, and caulking? You should have a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Do you want a wood grain looking front door, with side lights or glass panels? Would you like a smooth metal looking finish? The door systems can be very intricate, eye catching, and beautifully detailed. You can completely upgrade and change the outside first impression of your home. What about the back sliding door? You need a heavy duty frame, and a superior roller system for a continued easy open for many years to come. Again, options: panels, custom sizing, grid patterns, and lock mechanisms. The right door system is out there for you.

As you can see, an accomplished window and door company will walk you through everything you need to know or wanted to know about doors and windows. Always find the remodeler with a turnkey approach. Which means when they say they’re done, you are done, no unfinished details. Call Dun-Rite Home Improvements, Inc. today to get your windows and doors.

Authored by: Tracy Dibonas