Turnkey Philosophy

You may have heard the expression, “turnkey” to describe a home or a project.  What this means is the home is totally ready to go and complete.  You just turn the key in the lock, and walk in, and “Ahhhhh, it’s so beautiful, and ready!”  This is what we’ve been saying about our projects at Dun-Rite for years.  When we’re done with your remodel, you are done.  Everything is completed from ceiling to floor.  There is no unfinished business left for you to do, including clean up.  Our philosophy is, “Leave it better than we found it.”  Whether you are getting a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, countertops, floors, windows, and doors ….. we always do business this way.

This is not just advertising, we mean what we say and have a decades old reputation to stand behind.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed unconditionally.  From our home to yours, and as you’ve heard, “You have our word, we’ll treat you right at Dun-Rite.”℠  Turn the key on your outstanding project today.