Your New Floor

Your New Floor:

Whether you are replacing your floor as part of a new kitchen or bathroom remodel, or you want a floor only, there are many choices available to you. One option is LVP- or luxury vinyl plank. This a very cost effective, water proof, easily installed, vinyl option. But, let’s go more in depth about three other quality, beautiful, and durable floors. What can we learn about tile, engineered wood, and laminate floors?

Tile Floors:

Tile for floors comes in a large variety of sizes, patterns, and accents. Firstly, look for a porcelain tile not ceramic, especially for your floor. Porcelain is more durable, and is 3-4 times stronger than ceramic tile. What your remodeler is putting under your tile is very important too! Look to see that they are using things like hardibacker cement board that is mortared and then screwed down with zinc screws so no rust forms. The seams of the material should be fiberglass taped. You then want your tile set with a thin set mortar, not mastic. Mastic never fully dries! The mortar doesn’t need air to dry, so it is immediately effective against mold and mildew formation. A pre-sealed grout in the tile will help against staining after floor use. A newly popular trend, is wood grain looking tile. This is exactly as it says. The tile offers realistic looking swirls and grain patterns, but in a durable non-scratching form! Don’t forget a baseboard to finish the floor.

Engineered Wood Floors:

An engineered wood floor is 1/8” solid hardwood over a 3/8” solid pine core, with 1/8” plywood backing, making wood strips that then are fitted together. This type of floor is known as a “floating floor” because it is not glued or nailed down. The pieces lock together, with a tongue and groove system, custom fit to any size / shape room. A sound dampening moisture barrier is laid underneath. A baseboard trim piece holds the floor at the edge of the room. This is what makes it floating. Benefits to this kind of flooring system is that the floor can be laid over virtually any old surface, including uneven areas. Also, if a part of the floor is ever damaged, you just have to snap in a new piece. It is a real wood floor, without the mess, hassle, and upkeep of a traditional ¾” floor. Look for some beautiful color choices too!

Laminate Floors:

A laminate floor is also a floating style floor, with all the benefits like engineered wood. This floor is made up of a hard laminate piece, set on top of a composite base, making a strip of “tile”. These pieces then go together much the same way as engineered wood. It is a tongue and groove system that locks the tiles into place. There are a variety of styles to choose from. You can get wood grain patterns in different colors, or a tile / marble mimicking pattern. You get the look of real wood or tile, at a portion of the cost.

A professional remodeler will seamlessly walk you through your floor choices and help you confidently find what you are looking for. To get started on your new and beautiful floor, contact Dun-Rite Home Improvements, Inc. today!

Authored by: Tracy Dibonas