You and Your Home

You and Your Home during Remodeling:

When you have prepared, chosen and purchased your new remodeling project, your home improvement expert should insure certain things to get the job done right. What are their policies to protect your home and the area where they will be working? Will they clean up after completion, and respect your things? Basically, will they take good care of you?   When your remodeler is done, you should be done! Look for a reputable company who has this “turnkey” approach. How they are doing your project and what happens at completion is very important!

What to Look For:

When your project begins, certain things should be happening to protect your home. Plastic tarps and drapes should be hung from ceiling to floor. All exposed areas in the work space should be masked off with masking paper and tape. You essentially want to see a “bubble” around the work space to cut down on dust escaping to other areas of your home. Look for cardboard or carpet pads for added protection of your floors. A fan may be in place in a window to help move dust outside of the work area. The area should be well ventilated during your project as well. You want to see runners or tarps covering the high traffic pathways of the construction site. Existing appliances, countertops, and fixtures should be covered and protected also. Remember though, as with any construction site, there will be a small degree of dust after job completion, due to settling.

When the project is complete:

After all the construction, wood work, and remodeling is complete, your experienced craftsman will vacuum, blow out, and wipe out any areas where the work was performed, such as inside cabinets and drawer boxes. Touch ups, caulking, and any blemishes will be addressed. All job related trash and debris will be removed and hauled away. The cleanliness of the area should be as they found it, if not better! You should receive some final paperwork about warranties and care of your project, and a place to leave your comments and reviews. Your new remodeling project will be beautiful, exciting, and amazing! The area should be ready for your immediate use after job completion.

Good Business:

A professional, reputable remodeler gets that way for a reason! They should treat you with respect and treat your home as if it’s their own. Your project is important to you and should be to them. Look for things like a one stop shop. Does the remodeler offer everything you will need during the project? Will they follow up and follow through with what they are saying? Are they readily available for your questions and inquiries? Are their employees bonded and insured? Your remodeler should have a 100% satisfaction guaranty…..this says it all, 100%. You can’t get any better than that. If you are ready for a remodeling project, contact Dun-Rite Home Improvements, Inc. for a free, in home design plan.

Authored By: Tracy Dibonas